Tess Rubinstein is an artist and naturalist based in coastal California. She uses painting, printmaking, and textiles to explore the process of cultivating attention in everyday life. She received a BFA from the Pacific Northwest College of Art in 2017, and has since worked as an illustrator, educator, and muralist. 



Feel free to reach out at contact@tessrubinstein.com´╗┐




UCSF Medical

Corporate Accountability

Wildcraft Studio School

Moonstruck Chocolate


Oregon Humanities 

Design Portland

Taproot Magazine

JOANN Fabrics

Bitch Media

LOAM publishing



2022 / 2727 Fall Exhibition / group show / Gallery 2727 / Berkeley, CA  

2021 / Google / Artist-in-residence / Mountain View, CA

2021 / Pond Song / solo show / Stephanie Chefas Gallery, Portland OR

2020-2022 / KALA Art Institute / Artist-in-residence / Berkeley, CA

2019 / Google / Artist-in-residence / San Francisco, CA 

2019 / I Caught A Sun Beam / solo show / Equator at Proof Lab Station, Mill Valley CA 

2019 / A Jug of Wine, A Table in the Sun / solo show / Stephanie Chefas Gallery, Portland OR

2018 / A Place of Rest / solo show / Stephanie Chefas Gallery Annex, Portland OR  

2018 / The Quiet Life / solo show / Brightbox Gallery, Portland OR


All images copyright Tess Rubinstein 2022