Tess Rubinstein is a multidisciplinary artist and naturalist hailing from a foggy mountain in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her practice is centered around moments of simple joy, using painting, illustration, and textile design to encourage a nurturing of the present moment. She finds inspiration in her current landscape, as well as patchwork quilts, slow living practices, and the uninhibited female form. She received her BFA from the Pacific Northwest College of Art in 2017.


Feel free to reach out at contact@tessrubinstein.com




UCSF Medical

Corporate Accountability

Wildcraft Studio School

Moonstruck Chocolate


Oregon Humanities 

Design Portland

Proof Lab 

Taproot Magazine

JOANN Fabrics

Bitch Media



2021 / Google / Artist-in-residence / Mountain View, CA

2021 / Pond Song / solo show / Stephanie Chefas Gallery, Portland OR

2020-2022 / KALA Art Institute / Artist-in-residence / Berkeley, CA

2019 / Google / Artist-in-residence / San Francisco, CA 

2019 / I Caught A Sun Beam / solo show / Equator at Proof Lab Station, Mill Valley CA 

2019 / A Jug of Wine, A Table in the Sun / solo show / Stephanie Chefas Gallery, Portland OR

2018 / A Place of Rest / solo show / Stephanie Chefas Gallery Annex, Portland OR  

2018 / The Quiet Life / solo show / Brightbox Gallery, Portland OR


All images copyright Tess Rubinstein 2022

All artwork ©2022 Tess Rubinstein, all rights reserved